Do you want to be in control? We give you the option, now it is your choice...
Castle Matic

Automate construction fleet operations to reduce asset downtime, lower fuel costs and increase efficiency with optimised usage.

Castle Matic
Food & Beverage

Streamline food & beverage fleet operations through mobile app-based and route optimization together with proof of delivery.

Castle Matic

Ease the burden on your government and emergency services fleet while improving vehicle utilization.

Castle Matic

Enhance your Manufacturing fleet and/or heavy machinery through streamlined collaboration, live location and robust maintenance tracking capabilities.

Castle Matic
Transportation & mobility

Improve your customer service and streamline operations with Castlematic NexGen software. Have access to the location of your fleet 24/7.

Castle Matic
Waste Management

Equip your fleet with paperless, mobile inspections and better control over fuel efficiency, maintenance and fleet usage.