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How Castlematic helps fleet businesses? ( 3 minutes read)

Castlematic is developed for companies that need their vehicles to be managed and monitored for better efficiency. Over the years, along with the advanced telematics technology, Fleet Management Systems (FMS) have developed more than just a tool to locate the vehicle by GPS. FMS allows the client to monitor their vehicle’s real-time on the computer monitor. Using FMS results in reducing operating costs and improving the driver's driving habits.
The modern FMS enables an organization with an effective triangular approach; Track, Control, Optimize.

Businesses track the bit by bit aspects, properties, and attributes through the modern FMS. Any deviation from expected behaviour is reported and can be controlled by taking prompt action, thus, making business processes more streamlined and efficient to be carried over. The optimization is achieved by fine-tuning existing scenarios and earning by the production feedback. Again, the business tracks these changes, control the processes cost and optimize this further. This allows businesses to opt for continuous improvement and inspect if any changes are needed in existing rules and regulations outlaid by the respective authorities. One such, new compliance has been introduced in the UK is Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR). Businesses need to add this in their compliance and build governance around it. However, a typical modern FMS would have already covered by stipulating a mechanism to record such data to conform with SECR. As far as compliance is concerned it becomes apparent that it is time to opt for a modern FMS.
The modern FMS establishes and enforces “GO GREEN” methodologies by establishing a triangle approach in fleet management. Fleet Management with the modern Fleet Management Software means better time, effort and cost optimization which results in saving energy and increasing profit margins.

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