We have developed 3 solutions which will simplify your business

Fleet management

Online fleet tracking

Pinpoint your team’s location in real-time and really understand what’s going on in the field so you can dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service and reduce the time spent calling drivers for updates.

Driving Behaviour

Track drivers behaviour - speeding, idling harsh braking to use these data for further drivers coaching and training. Take a proactive step towards saving on insurance costs and fines.

Vehicles’ health

Turn OBD data into answers about health information and take proactive steps to minimize vehicle downtime and save costs. This solution comes with small but powerful hardware, which is plugged into the OBD port in a vehicle.

Mobile app
All your paperwork in a one digital place so you can stay connected to what’s happening no matter where you are.

With CastleMap, you can track, control and optimize your fleet and its management from around the world with user-friendly mobile interface.

  • Asset Management: Get all the necessary information on movement and ignition state, data actuality and asset location in real time.
  • Events Control: Use extended information on trips, parkings, fuel fillings/thefts and sensor values to learn the health, chronology, duration and the exact number of events in the “TimeLine”. Thus, providing you with the mechanism to diagnose your Fleet.
  • Notifications Management: Receive and view notifications in the app.
  • Map Mode: Access units, Geofences, Tracks and Event markers on the map with the option to detect your own location.
  • Tracking mode: Monitor precise location and parameters received from a particular asset.
  • Locator Function: Create links and share unit locations.
  • Reports Tab: Generate a report by selecting the unit, report template, and time interval. Also, export the report in the PDF format.

Get it for free on Android and iOS

Mobile workforce tracking - CastleTrack

Manage your mobile workforce efficiently with CastleTrack application.

Due to accurate speed detection and detailed movement history of a device, you will be able to optimize and control field operations and mobile staff performance.

To implement monitoring over a unit, you just need an account in Castlematic system, smartphone with a built-in GPS receiver, and access to the Internet. The application supports choosing a user mode from preset ones or creating your own with settings depending on the goals of monitoring. A wide range of settings available allows receiving accurate data while reducing traffic and battery consumption.

Turn your device into GPS tracker

  • See your current location and speed
  • Choosing preset mode (Active/Standard/Lite) or creating your own (Custom).
  • Flexible settings for data sending.
  • Quick access to sending location, photo, SOS messages and Scanning QR codes.
  • Collection of data using smart mode for efficient battery consumption.

Get it for free on Android and iOS

Delivery & Field service - CastleGo

CastleGo is a multi-purpose program designed to control all stages of delivery and field services operations. The service allows performing a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics, delivery and emergency services – transportation arrangements, transport processes optimization and cost saving.

Get it for free on Android and iOS

Delivery & Field service
Delivery & Field service

Web-version ensures effective operating procedures management: order placement, planning and distribution, Google Maps-based routing, delivery process monitoring and coordination.

Logistics mobile app is designed for delivery men and mobile employees. Once the route is assigned to a driver, he will be able to see all the details

Delivery & Field service
Optimised routing

Select orders and drivers and get the optimised route so you can serve more customers and save cost

Detailed description

Address, goods volume, weight and customer contact details are just at a glance.


Get an instant update on which orders have been completed, no more ambiguity.

Proof of delivery

Adding comments, photos and even signature can help you monitor the final stage of the delivery or a field visit.


A handy chat so dispatchers can notify the drivers on any circumstances.


Get meaningful insights into your delivery or field service.

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