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With our industry-leading vehicle tracking solutions in place, you can respond to situations
as they happen and make the most of your fleet.

Online vehicle tracking

Our reliable GPS tracking device sends an accurate location, so you can view your whole fleet on one live map 24/7.

Castle Matic
Castle Matic

Your fleet. At your fingertips

Our mobile app available for Android, iPhone so you can access key information about your vehicles anytime, from anywhere.

Identify problems early

Reduce vehicle downtime by proactively identifying maintenance issues before problems arise. Access diagnostic information for each vehicle in your fleet directly from your browser.

Castle Matic
Castle Matic

Control fuel costs

Monitor driver behaviour to reduce idle time and unauthorized vehicle use for fuel savings up to 30%.


Get the answers about your fleet’s performance quickly and easily, both the good and the bad. The Dashboard translates the data into metrics that matter to your bottom line. quickly

Castle Matic
Castle Matic

Optimize performance

Our historical reports provide insights to help you achieve your future goals. Have the reports delivered directly to your inbox based on your frequency and time range preferences whether that’s daily, weekly or quarterly.

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Castle Matic
Driver behaviour

Monitor driver behaviour and encourage safe driving habits before a serious accident happens.

Castle Matic
Route History

Replay one or more vehicle's route history for specific dates and follow the actual route taken by drivers. Displays specific events as part of the route replay and shows history alongside other drivers.

Castle Matic
API integrations

Integrate with other enterprise software like Salesforce or CDK to have complex information in one place.

Castle Matic
Flexible report-building tools

Create customised reports tailored to your business needs. With Castlematic you have easy access to the reports you need by vehicle or driver.

Castle Matic

Tachographs record key driver and vehicle information, as well as generate records that monitor the drivers' compliance with driving time rules.

Castle Matic
IN/ OUT geofence control

Get instant notifications whenever your vehicles leave and/or enter selected areas.

Castle Matic
Drivers Ranking

Compare performance with rankings, reports and automated league tables. It detects harsh acceleration, breaking and excessive idling.

Castle Matic
Maintenance Scheduling

Track vehicle maintenance to easily generate automatic alerts for your own service department. Help improve the accuracy of your preventive maintenance program to reduce costs.

Castle Matic
Prompt Alerts

Choose the condition that triggers the alert (speeding, idling, harsh braking, etc.) and who receives it. It is your call, what action you take.

Castle Matic
Flexible Labelling

Not every fleet is the same. A flexible terminology module allows you to localize key elements of the user interface so it reflects your business more closely. For example, change the driver to field technician or the vehicle to a crane.

Castle Matic
Hours of Service

Setup hour tracking to manage legal driving hours and help improve the accuracy of trip scheduling to keep drivers within legal limits.

Castle Matic
Engine Diagnostics

With engine diagnostics, you can receive diagnostic trouble codes and set reminders for preventative maintenance by vehicle. Help reduce vehicle downtime, impro, and track odometer readings or hours of use.

Castle Matic
Integrated video

View video clips of harsh driving events within minutes of them happening. Know how severe an event was with harsh driving classifications to help you coach your drivers. Help mitigate risk and liability with unbiased footage.

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