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Let us Introduce Castlematic ( 7 minutes read)

One of the main driving factors of Technology is leveraging the power of science to improve everyday’s life for people, including but not limited to cost reductions, practicality, productivity, etc. Technology is helping people to become more agile, practical and efficient in almost every aspect of their work and beyond. The Internet of Things(IoT) is part of this technology evolution and has also imposed drastic changes in the transportation management field which is what our solution is all about. So what is Fleet Management? Fleet Management is the IoT management of all kinds of vehicles. Purview has developed a smart fleet management solution application named Castlematic.

Castlematic in a nutshell
Castlematic as a fleet management solution provides services that focus on improving efficiency, increasing productivity, reducing vehicle maintenance costs and risk of theft, monitoring driver behaviour and reducing associated transportation costs. Manage your fleet efficiently with the best fleet management application for your business.

Why Castlematic is the perfect solution for your business?
Castlematic as a powerful, easy to use cloud-based fleet management solution for businesses of all sizes, helps you to accurately track your vehicle online on live map 24/7. Manage your fleet easily anytime, anywhere, extracting important KPIs about efficiency, driver behaviour, fuel savings, etc. Castlematic helps to reduce idle time and unauthorized vehicle use for fuel savings up to 30%. All resulting in the optimization of the performance as per the historical reports provided insights to help you achieve your business goals.

Vehicle´s health & Diagnostics
Vehicle Health & Diagnostics leverages the power of the platform for deep insight into your fleets current health status.

  1. Be constantly aware of vehicles‘ health and planned maintenance to effectively reduce its downtime and unplanned maintenance costs.
  2. Assists fleet owners, managers and service providers monitor and collect vehicle performance data in real-time for use in maintenance management and remote vehicle diagnostics.

Track your Driver Behaviour
Blog 1 Along with tracking the system also provides advanced visual reporting of the events held. It enables fleet managers to have full visibility on drivers behaviour and violations. Based on the driver behaviour data displayed and reported such as – sudden acceleration, sudden braking, sudden lane swerve, harsh cornering and over-speeding, the fleet manager can easily identify reckless drivers that will most likely get into an accident.

Maintenance Scheduling Alert
Taking even one vehicle out of service comes at a price to your overall fleet productivity, but keeping up with regular maintenance schedules can be a full-time job for fleet managers. Castlematic is a smart application, which automatically forecasts the due date of a service reminder based on a vehicle's average usage. You just need to set the service reminder for things like oil changes, tire rotations, and more and the system will notify you when your vehicle is predicted to need service and help to improve the accuracy of your preventive maintenance program to reduce costs.

Video Integration System
There are several benefits to take advantage of by using the video integration system of our software solution. Our solution includes Fleet managers will receive instant alerts and video footage of a collision and improve accident management. The data is always accessible from the Castlematic platform which you can easily tailor to your specific needs.Our solution supports as many cameras as you want per vehicle.

  • Assisting on faster insurance claim resolution
  • Monitor and coach drivers based on data from the inner camera
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Purview was founded in 2010 with the mission to provide best-in-class IT consultancy services across the globe. We are a specialist IT consultancy offering services through our consultants/experts on a contingency basis in the UK, Europe, and India. We work with a portfolio of high profile multinational clients across all sectors. We have developed the Castlematic application for making your business cost-effective and productive. Our Engineering teams constantly work on developing capabilities and expertise in niche technologies which enable our clients to make their next step.