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Saving with a good Fleet Management Software ( 5 minutes read)

Managing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Whether you’re managing small cars, vans or trucks having control over a variety of vehicles includes wide-ranging challenges especially cost-saving. Typically vehicles drain more money from the business than they should. Cost-saving is a typical issue in every aspect of business not only in on-the-go business.

There has been evidence that companies are forced to reduce overall transportation costs. The best way to do it is to eliminate inefficiencies and monitor driver behaviour.

Proactive Maintenance is a Must
If you want to achieve reduced operational costs, you can’t ignore fleet maintenance costs. Fleet management software will assist you with the maintenance administration and trackability, therefore, keep them on the road. You will never miss another scheduled maintenance again. This will help you to keep your vans and trucks up and running. Secondly, the fleet management software can help you to reduce unscheduled vehicle downtime through automated remote onboard diagnostics. By this proactive step, you save time & money for extensive repairs which might have occurred by ignoring early signals. By achieving just-in-time maintenance, your business can save enormous amounts of money on unnecessary maintenance. Last but not least, tracking maintenance costs like brake work, oil changes and critical repairs can be managed with ease with fleet maintenance software. A separate module enables maintenance managers to monitor the repair process and cost and based on those data make decisions about when to replace aging or inefficient vehicles.

Fuel costs on the spot
Fleet management software makes it quick and easy for your manager to keep an eye on your fuel spendings. With this approach, you can easily get rid of all inefficiencies. Some of the inefficiencies are:

  • Fuel thefts alerts.
  • Advise refueling at cost-efficient gas stations.
  • Keeping well-maintained tires inflated to manufacturer specification.
  • Optimized routing - most direct, efficient routes to be used by every driver.
  • Driving style - unnecessary engine idling, harsh braking and acceleration, low fuel economy due to speeding.

Did you know that driving at 80mph can consume up to 25% more fuel than at 70mph? If you have a large fleet then the potential saving would be even more dramatic.

Do not forget about the Insurance premium
Honestly said, fleet costs depends on drivers and their driving style. By adopting a fleet management software your company can reduce accidents by identifying aggressive employee drivers and speeders with behaviour monitoring. Not only fewer accidents on roads mean less stress for you but also reduce insurance liability insurance premiums. Many insurance companies provide a discount just for having a fleet management software in place for your fleet. Some auto insurers even offer usage-based insurance programs which track the number of miles driven and driving behaviour to calculate rates.

If your business is fleet-based, you’ll need to get a good fleet & maintenance software package sooner or later.

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